If you work for a Ski Resort then you have a true love for being outside. Growing up in the UP it is hard to not love the outdoors and I was raised to believe there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.  Dress for success and you will be just fine.  I spend a lot of the season coming and going from my office and although I love to be out on the hill getting paid to ski (because what’s better than that?!) I am so thankful that I have an office with a view!  With a view of Big Bear and Log Jam right out my window you can imagine the things I see while I am working away.  Epic yard sales and people bombing down Big Bear are the ones I catch most often and I love watching guests have fun. Never know what you will see! Fall is always beautiful and I get to watch the trees change daily and on a beautiful day like today I catch myself gazing out the window a little more often than others.  Today’s view is Moe, one of our mighty mountain men, clearing Log Jam! Driving a tractor, pulling an attachment mower straight down the hill.  This can only mean one thing… they are getting ready to place snow machines and start preparing for snow making season! I got so excited that I ran out there with the GoPro and snagged a little video!   Some days it’s the little things! 🙂