Love what you do and the rewards are amazing! I choose to work 6 days a week during the winter, it’s busy and I enjoy my “job.” While most people stay far away from work on days off, I find myself here enjoying it from a different perspective. My days off are spent on the hill skiing with my 7 year old son Asen, other family and friends.  Yesterday was one of the best days that I have had on snow with Asen. He ditched me and road up the chairlift with a friend, first time riding without an adult… scared me and of course he loved it! Because I wasn’t riding the chair with him I road with other guests out skiing/boarding and I got asked the same question numerous time, “why are you here on your day off?!” Simple answer is, I love it here. I enjoy everyone I work with and I love seeing guests having fun.  Working for a ski resort geared towards families makes working here rewarding in so many ways but the one that hits home for me the most is that when my son walks in the door he is greeted like family by everyone who works here and I know that he has so many people watching over him if I am not right there.  When you love what you do, work seems less like “work” and more like a lifestyle. I’m happy to say, I love life.

Live the life you love,