I wanted to share a story and a couple of pictures with you. My name is Beth (Whalen) Grogan and I have been coming up to Brule with my family for about 10 years. But, the love story I want to share goes all the way back to the year you opened. My parents, Bernadette and Jim Whalen met up at Brule in January of 1957 on a ski trip with the Skunk Hollow Ski Club. They fell in love and were married May 25, 1957! I am the youngest of their 6 children and they have 22 grandchildren.

We always have so much fun coming up to Brule and the fact that they met there makes it even more special. I wanted to share their wedding picture here with you as well as a picture of them in January 2018 wearing the 60 year anniversary Brule hats.

I’m also sharing a picture of my family (my husband Bob and I and our 3 children with my parents) on their 60th anniversary.

If you ever decided to share this story online on your website, I’d love to show it to my parents. They would get a kick out of knowing their love story was told.

I cannot say enough about what a wonderful place you run. Every single person who works there always goes out of their way to be helpful and kind. We usually come up for a visit after Christmas and ring in the New Year at Brule. It never disappoints. Thanks for all you do!!

Beth Grogan
Downers Grove, IL
PS-I also included a picture of my three kids and their cousin learning to ski at Brule in about 2009.