Ski Brule is JUST getting the party started!  It’s snowing today .. big, fat, fluffy, beautiful flakes and several inches in the forecast.  Snow is amazing, weather looks fantastic and we just recieved word that NOT ONLY can you ride Thursday through Sunday in March, you can ALSO ride April 6-7!  Based on current snow April 6-7 will happen!

Upcoming weekend is Easter Weekend completed with Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt.  Then it’s Carload Weekend!  $80 and everyone in your car will get a lift ticket on April 7.

Then the REAL DEAL!  $80 Lift & Lodging Special at Ski Brule.  Call 800-362-7853 for complete details and to book.  Based on min., occupancy, 2 night min. stay at Pioneer Lodge.

Ski ya on the slopes!  It’s waaaayyyyy to good to work today!