It’s snow time at Ski Brule!  The snowmaking machines are fired up and so is the crew.  Many wonder how exactly do you make snow?  Well the simple explanation is you take water and pump it to the snowmaking machines which spray the water through the nozzles and the fine mist makes beautiful snow when it hits the cold air.  Of course there’s a lot more to it … and some little tricks of the trade we can’t tell you.  But the most important element is having a dedicated snowmaking crew that works together to ‘get er done’.  Think about what a snowmaker does.  They work super long shifts in the dark and cold, moving frozen snowmaking hoses and machines around the mountain dealing with high pressure water and electricity.  You’d think they would be miserable.  BUT they are not!  They have the most positive ‘we can do this’ attitude and excitement about blowing HUGE piles of the white stuff.  It’s really amazing what this crew accomplishes.

I’m sure you are wondering “when are you opening”?  Well, it’s hard to specifically say because it’ Mother Nature dependent.  We need cold temperatures and low humidity this time of year to blow big plies of snow.  Under ideal snowmaking conditions, Ski Brule can pump out enough snow to open a trail.  Unfortunately the weather isn’t ideal … BUT WE ARE MAKING SNOW!  And we NEVER give up!  Is it possible to open Friday?  Sure but we can’t make that call until later this week when we know what the snow coverage is.  If Ski Brule doesn’t open Friday 11/19, the next target is 11/20, and then we’d next target 11/24 as opening day for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Have you gotten your lift tickets ?  If not, I’d recommend not waiting because if you do .. you’ll be paying $65 for a lift ticket instead of $45!  Advanced lift tickets are available by calling 800-362-7853 or online.

That’s it for now!  Get out and do your cold weather dance!

~ Thinking Snow
Jess & Colt