It’s Not Cold … It’s Winter! Enjoy it!
I’ve been amazed at the number of phone calls asking if we are going to be open this weekend with the cold temperatures or if the Boy Scout Day will be cancelled…… Ski Brule will be open! And the temperature Saturday is NOT frigid. Weather Channel was showing high of 14 Saturday. That’s Winter isn’t it? Much better than January 5 years ago when it was a month of -25 degrees! Even at -25 degrees you can have a great day on snow … IF you are dressed right. Today’s technology is fantastic and there truly is no reason to be cold on the snow. Sure, you may have to take a few more breaks on colder days but so what. My guess is that there will be no lift lines and you will get so many runs in that your legs turn to jello.

Ski Ya this weekend! It’s going to be great! No such thing as a bad day on snow, only bad gear!

~ Thinking Snow
Jess & #coltgeorge