It is winter after all!

Temps in the teens & single digits are headed our way.  I’m actually shocked at how mild of a winter we have had this season.  Especially since all the weather predictors said it was supposed to be a colder than normal winter … well it certainly has been anything but cold plus more snow this season than they predicted.  That just goes to show you, don’t let the weatherman rule your life.  I’m thinking back to the 2013/2014 season … do you recall that ?? It was a month of (I kid you not) temps with the windchill of -30.  That didn’t stop people from getting out and enjoying life on snow.  Truly the only thing that stands between you and a great day on snow is your gear!  Dress for the weather, take a few hot chocolate breaks (and who doesn’t like that) and snuggle by the fireplace (hmmm sounds nice).   The truth of the matter is very few people ski from 9am to 4pm continuously so it’s not like you are going to turn into a popsicle at 10 degrees (keep in mind, that is ABOVE ZERO) because most guests enjoy the social part of skiing like sitting fireside, chatting in the saloon, warm up at Homestead telling tales of days gone by, tubing and of course hitting the slopes.  Make the most out of life! Don’t sit back and watch it go by.

Make sure you have your gear for winter:  Wool socks, base layers, mid layer, outterwear, helmet, goggles, balacalva and you will be set.  REMEMBER:  don’t use cotton for base layers or socks.  You wear cotton in the summer to keep cool … the same thing happens in the winter.  It holds moisture against your body and does not dry quickly.  Much better to select wool as wool retains it’s warming properties even if it becomes damp.  Don’t have the gear you should have this weekend?  No worries, Bear’s Den Pro Shop does.

~ Jess & #coltgeorge