The “Monday Morning Blues” is nonexistent here because we just got hit with more snow!

Yesterday was beautiful and we measured a total of 8 inches of fresh snow and this morning we woke up to about 3″ more. The snow making crew is still working extremely hard though and we are so hopeful that this weekend (12/8) the hills will be 100% open. That means that Homestead Lodge could be open this weekend too. You know what that means, mid run hot cocoa…mid run spiked hot cocoa. Everything is weather dependent of course!

I’ve been enjoying these warmer temperatures and shedding a layer. Finally getting use to the “cold” and my long johns aren’t as important anymore!! Come find me on the hill, my skiing is improving and I no longer live on Maple Syrup haha

Loving the snow.

Sincerely, “The Other Blonde”