Brule Bash 2018 is THIS WEEKEND!  Don’t miss out on the most full all season!

Costume ½ Price Ticket Available ONLY at Guest Services.


9-4:00                    Treasure Hunt – First Clue “highest level of care” – first one to turn in all the clues wins a season pass!

9-4:00                    Bambi Trail Fun!  FREE Sled Dog Rides, FREE Moonbounce, FREE Cotton Candy (1-4 @ Ski Corral), FREE Face
Painting & FREE Petting Zoo!

11:00                     Penguin Race, Whitewater Tubing Park

1-3:00                    ACROBAG  FREE, Acrobag Pass available at Guest Services.  Must have helmet, sign liability waiver and be 46” or taller.

12:30                     Potato Sack Race, Bunny Trail

1:15                        Peter Soderberg 90th Birthday Wish – 1 More Ride Down Ski Brule
1-3:00                    Whitewater Snow Tubing, $5/5runs, Tubing Tickets available at Guest Services.

11-2:00                  Face Painting, Petting Zoo

1:15                        Fish Toss, Bambi Trail
3:30                        Costume Contest, top of Bunny Trail for Costume Parade

4:30-8:30              Night Session on Lower Sunrise, Bunny, Bambi and Rapids, serviced by Pony Handle Tow and Bunny Rope Tow.

5-8:00                    Homestead BBQ, Tubing, Sleigh Ride, dinner tickets at Bear’s Den Pro Shop.


9-4:00                    Bambi Trail Fun!  FREE Sled Dog Rides,  FREE Face Painting, FREE Moonbounce, FREE Cotton Candy
(1-4 @ ski corral), FREE Petting Zoo!

10:30                     Egg Toss, Bambi Trail

11:30                     Pie Eating Contest, Bambi Trail
12:30                     Oreo Cookie Challenge, Bambi Trail
1-3:00                    ACROBAG  FREE!!!!  Tickets at Guest Service.

1-3:00                    Whitewater Snow Tubing, 3 pack FREE to Friends & Neighbors

2:30                        Costume Contest, Meet at top of Bunny Trail for Costume Parade


Peter Soderberg – Skiing at Ski Brule For The First Time,  Iron River, MI


I heard stories about Ski Brule from my Dad and how exciting it was.  The local paper had a long, complimentary article about Brule and the excitement of skiing.  My driving wasn’t proficient yet, so I persuaded my Dad to drive the 15 miles from our home to go see and to ski Brule.  Dad had skied extensively with me near our home where we had a smaller headwall.


I woke us both up early the next morning so we could get there at the start of their day.  Ski Brule commented that their headwall was for expert skiers.  It was probably more than my Dad wanted to handle, but we agreed to go over and have a look.


On arriving at Brule, we found they concluded the road that would take us straight to Ski Brule.  The road was cleared all the way to the base of the headwall.  My dad stopped the car and we unpacked our gear for skiing.  There was one lift operating that day to take us to the top of the hill.


From the base of the headwall looking up, it looked like it would be a real snappy ride, more than my Dad wanted to tackle until he began skiing better.  I gathered my gear and went over to the base of the lift and arranged for a ride to the top.


At the top, I put my skis on and headed down the very steep headwall.  I was only halfway down when I observed that I was skiing at a pretty fast clip.  Right about then, there was a small snow drift crossing the trail.  I headed straight for it and jumped off the drift.  I felt wonderful to be in the air and heading toward the bottom.  At the bottom I turned a sharp turn at the chalet.  My Dad was close by and he asked, “How was it?”


“Super!” I replied.


I took a few more runs down the headwall to improve my skiing ability.  Two or three more runs confirmed to me that I was successful in mastering the headwall.  I felt that my skiing ability had escalated quickly; I was a successful skier.  No falls for me.  Then it was time to call it a day.  It was time to go back into our Model A Ford and have my Dad drive us back to Crystal Falls.


Skiing the head wall at Ski Brule gave me that thrill in my stomach like hitting the air at high speed.


Peter Soderberg – Feelings about Skiing


To best sum up my feelings about skiing, I think of a ridge in Aspen that can be skied back and forth across the peak at the ridge.  The chairlift takes you to the top where you survey the mountains and valleys in silence, and you feel like you’re all alone in the white wilderness.  Digging your ski poles into the deep snow and leaping off the ridge gives you the thrilling experience of unweighting and soaring.


Flying through the air is a glorious feeling.  Returning to terra firma, your skis thudding on the snow, breaks apart the reverie as you refocus on what lies ahead: a river of white to navigate and conquer.  As you slalom down the course, you avoid some obstacles, but others, like moguls, you take head-on and at full speed, recapturing the sensation of flying.  At the end of the trail, you sweep to a stop, a spray of snow behind you , and celebrate your victory over the mountain.  A more apt metaphor for life has never been more clearly expressed.​