Ski Brule’s 2017/2018 Travel Planner is on it’s way to the printers and will be distributed throughout the Midwest in hundreds of locations this fall.  Did you make the cut? Our Friends & Neighbors/Photo Shoot weekend is always a fun few days every spring and that is when we take a majority of the photos that end up in our planner each year.  Yesterday was my first peek at the finished product that Jessica has worked on this summer and I love flipping through the pages seeing familiar faces, including my sons.  Besides the fun of trying to play “Where’s Waldo” to find yourself and friends, there is also so much useful information to guide you through making the most out of your time here with us.   A full list of events, resort stats, daily activities, on site lodging and just about any question you could think of will be in this handy planner. This year we are giving you a sneak peek to the planner before it will be distributed, so head on over to our  Facebook  page or right here on our website to take a look!

Start thinking snow!