Snowmaking is complete and the Grooming Crew are busy pushing out the piles!  This includes building the park!  Ski Brule anticipates being 100% open by 12/26 .. if not sooner!  Ski Brule is open daily 12/23-1/2!  Holiday Operational Schedule & Activities

We are so looking forward to your visit!  Don’t forget to get your $55 Advanced Lift Tickets before 12/24.  They are a $15 savings and valid anytime this season.   No restrictions, anyone can use … great birthday and Christmas gifts!  Buy online or at a sales location near you.  Allow 10 days for USPO shipping when purchase online.  Ski Brule mails the tickets within 24 hours of receipt BUT … we don’t have control of delivery once it hits the USPO.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday!
~Jess & #colgeorgeoutdoors