WOW!  Time is flying by and temps are dropping daily.  Hard to believe that we are one month out from our target opening day of November 10th! We woke this morning to frost covering the ground and temps in the high 20’s. Opening day is a big deal at any resort but we take that fun to a whole new level here with FREE lift tickets.  We always shoot for a Friday, a great way to kick off the weekend with the first laps of year. Ski Brule has been the go to resort for the first and last tracks of the season and this year won’t be any different. Put in for a vacation day or start practicing your fake cough because if Mother Nature treats us right we will be on the snow in just a few short weeks!  Time to start doing your snow dance!  Because November 10th is our target opening day, please keep an eye on our website, Facebook or Instagram for the most current updates!