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Ski Brule
SkiBrule Minnesota


Ski Brule is the first ski resort to open.Ski Brule, the favorite Midwest resort, will provide the best Michigan skiing at all times with the best snow conditions and the longest snow season in the Midwest.

Ski Brule will provide the best conditions at all times. Ski Brule will be the first to open and last to close.
Ski Brule’s ‘never quit’ approach to snowmaking and grooming has made it possible to keep this promise for over forty years.  As soon as temperatures drop in October or early November, Ski Brule begins making snow to ensure being the first to open in the region.  The combination of Ski Brule’s powerful snowmaking system and knowledgeable snowmaking crew makes skiing in October and in May a reality.  Ski Brule can open a trail within 24 hours of ideal snowmaking conditions.

Ski Brule’s snowmaking trade secrets result in the best snow in the Midwest.  Snowmaking is a science and when it’s made right, it is impossible to tell the difference between ‘Mother Nature made snow’ and ‘Brule made snow’.  Once snowmaking is complete, precision grooming creates the corduory groomed trails and terrain parks we all love.  It’s this winning combination that makes Ski Brule the best Michigan skiing!

Ski Brule target opening is November 10Ski Brule’s target opening is November 10 or sooner as snowmaking permits.  Ski Brule’s record opening was October 24! And record closing was May 15.  You can count on Ski Brule having snow for Thanksgiving Holiday. (Ski Brule has hosted the Thanksgiving Race Camp for 27 years).  Get your gear tuned up … it’s time to ride!

“Nine hour drive from Saint Louis, MO for opening weekend.   We got in plenty of runs without down time.  Lap after lap in the terrain park too.  Great having the Ski Brule photographer on the slopes and seeing our photos on Facebook.  We will be back again.” ~ John, St. Louis, MO

When can Ski Brule begin making snow?

Ski Brule typically begins snowmaking in late October or early November, as soon as the temperatures permit.   Good snowmaking occurs in the fall when temperatures are in the teens as opposed to the spring when good snowmaking can occur at thirty-two degrees.  Why?  Because the water temperature in the fall is warmer than the spring which then requires colder temperatures for good snowmaking output.  Humidity is another factor in snowmaking.  High humidity equals low snowmaking output.  Essentially, cold temperatures with low humidity is the key to good snowmaking at Ski Brule.  Yes, Ski Brule does have a few more tricks up our sleeve that makes Ski Brule’s snow the best Michigan skiing, we just can’t tell you what they are.

How long is Ski Brule’s season?
On average, Ski Brule’s Michigan ski slopes are open 164 days, that’s five and a half months!  Ski Brule opens for snowsports as soon as snowmaking permits and remains open (including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day & Easter) for Midwest skiing & snowboarding through late April, even May!  The longest skiing and snowboarding season in the entire Midwest is found at  Ski Brule.

Best Michigan Skiing is at Ski BruleDoes a mid season warm up melt the snow?
Ski Brule anticipates a mid season warm up and prepares for it at the start of the season.  Ski Brule could open a trail with only 24 inches of snow but we don’t …why?  Because Ski Brule is serious about snow and providing the best conditions at all times.  Ski Brule snow crew piles on the snow during the snowmaking season and stock piles it around the mountain so when the temperatures rise in the middle of winter or spring, Ski Brule is not effected by it.  Did you know that when temperatures at night are freezing that there is very little snow loss during the day?  Even at 40 degrees.  Sure the snow may ‘soften’ up a little but riding on soft snow is fantastic!  No it isn’t icy and no there aren’t bare spots.  Ski Brule has so many snowmaking and grooming secrets that you can count on Ski Brule’s snow being the best there is anywhere!  Some of the best snow is found in March!  Warmer temps, soft snow, blue skies = FUN!   Plan on skiing well into late April at Ski Brule.   We’ll be waiting for you.

Ski Brule’s Ski & Snowboard Season Records
Ski Brule’s record opening was October 24th, record closing was May 15th and record longest ski & snowboard season was 182 days.  Ski Brule provides the best snow conditions  in the Midwest ski resorts.

“I’ve been skiing Ski Brule for five years and have been a season pass holder for the past three years.  I am consistently overwhelmed with the quality of customer service provided by your staff.  I even had the general manager offer to be my book valet today!  Your management team obviously walks the talk.  It is the best Michigan skiing.” ~ Grant, L’Anse, MI

Ski Brule Ski Season
2015/16  November 22-April 17
2014/15  November 7-April 20
2012/13 November 9-April 22
2011/12  November 12-March 23
2010/11  November 5 – April 17
2008/09  November 11-April 19
2007/08  November 7-April 21
2006/07  October 28-April 22
2005/06  November 16-April 16



Ski Brule
397 Brule Mountain Road, Iron River, MI  49935
Email: [email protected]         Phone: 1-800-DO-BRULE (1-800-362-7853)      Phone: 906-265-4957
Online 2017/18 Ski Brule Travel Planner PDF:     Page 1-8       Page 9-16       Page 17-24      Page 25-32

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