Ski Brule

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Ski Brule
SkiBrule Minnesota


Ski Brule, the favorite Midwest resort, will provide the best Michigan skiing at all times with the best snow conditions and the longest snow season in the Midwest.

The Ski Report For Ski Brule is AMAZING!  Best ski conditions and ski packages.

Ski Brule will be the first to open and the last to close in the region.

Ski Brule will provide the best conditions at all times. Ski Brule will be the first to open and last to close. It’s Ski Brule’s ‘never quit’ approach to snowmaking and grooming that has made it possible to keep this promise for forty years. Ski Brule is ready to fire up snowmaking as soon as temperatures drop as early as October and as late as April. Ski Brule’s newly built snowmaking facility is capable of piling on enough snow within 24 hours of ideal snowmaking conditions to open a trail.

Not all snow is created equal. Snowmaking is a science and it’s almost impossible to know if you are skiing on “Brule Made” snow or “Mother Nature Made” snow. Once snowmaking is complete, there is still more to do to provide you with the most amazing condition in the Midwest. Precision grooming creates the corduroy groomed trails & terrain parks we all love. It’s this winning combination that makes Ski Brule’s snow the best in the Midwest!

“Thank you to all the great staff and leadership throughout Ski Brule. My family and I were there this weekend for the first time and the kids can’t stop talking about it! The trails were great, everyone really welcoming and we left with each one having a different “favorite” memory of the day. We’ll be back” ~ Jonathan & Family

When can Ski Brule begin making snow?

Ski Brule typically begins snowmaking in late October or early November, as soon as the temperatures permit.   Good snowmaking occurs in the fall when temperatures are in the teens as opposed to the spring when good snowmaking can occur at thrity-two degrees.  Why?  Because the water temperature in the fall is warmer than the spring which then requires colder temperatures for good snowmaking output.  Humidity is another factor in snowmaking.  High humidity equals low snowmaking output.  Essentially, cold temperatures with low humidity is the key to good snowmaking at Ski Brule.  Yes, Ski Brule does have a few more tricks up our sleeve that makes Ski Brule’s snow the best Michigan skiing, we just can’t tell you what they are.Ski Brule is the first to open and last to close for the best Michigan skiing & snowboarding

How long is Ski Brule’s season?
On average, Ski Brule’s Michigan ski slopes are open 164 days, that’s five and a half months!  Ski Brule opens for snowsports as soon as snowmaking permits and remains open (including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day & Easter) for Midwest skiing & snowboarding through late April, even May!  The longest skiing and snowboarding season in the entire Midwest is found at  Ski Brule.


Ski Brule’s Ski & Snowboard Season Records

Ski Brule’s record opening was October 24th, record closing was May 15th and record longest ski & snowboard season was 182 days.  Ski Brule provides the best snow conditions  in the Midwest ski resorts.


“We stayed at Ski Brule when Brule had 4 busses visit.  Ramond was working the Homestead Lift.  We thought he did a GREAT job.  He was so calm and polite when kids fell or lost their skis or poles.  He kept the lift moving and always had a “Thank You” for us skiers.  Thank you Ramond!   Great job .. You made our day super!” ~ Dave, Denise & Family, Green Bay, WI

 Family Holiday Packages |  Ski Brule Ticket Deals

Ski Brule Ski & Snowboard Season
Opening Date Closing Date Opening Date Closing Date
2014/15 Nov. 7 20-Apr 2013/14 Nov. 8 Apr. 25
2012/13 Nov. 9 Apr. 22 2011/12 Nov. 12 Mar. 23
2010/11 Nov. 5 Apr. 17 2008/09 Nov. 11 Apr. 19
2007/08 Nov. 7 Apr. 21 2006/07 Oct. 28 Apr.  22
2005/06 Nov. 16 Apr. 16


Ski Brule Average Season:  164 Days
Ski Brule Record Opening:  October 24
Ski Brule Record Closing:  May 15



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