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Ski Brule
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Kid’s Center



Ski Brule is the #1 family resort


The Kid’s Center at Ski Brule is the best way to start your child skiing. The Kid’s Center introduces skiing through fun and games with the emphasis on FUN!  The fundamentals of skiing are taught on Gentle Ben, the Kid’s Center ‘no big people allowed’ starter area.  Your child will learn about equipment, walking sliding, rope tow, stopping, carrying their gear and getting up wthen they fall.  By the end of the session, you will likely have a skier ready for the Bunny Trail.  SKIwee includes more than just learning to ski.  With one quick glance on Gentle Ben you will see children sliding down the slides, in the Moonbounce, playing with Tim & Jerry (the Kid’s Center birds), playing skiing games or wiping away a hot chocolate mustache.  Offered daily (minimum 24 hour advanced reservations Monday-Friday, early & late season for SKIWee and Childcare) at the Kid’s Center (adjacent the Rental Center at Ski Brule), SKIwee offers three and six hours of fun on and off the slopes with midday lunch options.  Minimum age for SKIwee ski lessons is 4 years of age.

 at Ski Brule offers ski and snowboard lessons that will have them on the ski slopes in no time.

Reservations are required Monday-Friday, early & late season (minimum 24 hours in advance) for SKIWee and Childcare.  Call 800-362-7853 to reserve.  Reservations not required 12/26-1/2, Saturday and Sunday (excluding early/late season)

Timesaver Tip: complete the SkiWee Enrollment form & rental form prior to arrival.

Rental equipment for children participating in a SKIWee session is available at the Kid’s Center or at the Rental Center. Equipment rental includes helmet rental. Children enrolled in the skiing program will receive a helmet during the session. If you would like to use the helmet after the program, it is available for rental ($8) at check out or if you rented your equipment at Ski Brule, a helmet rental is included with the ski rental package. Timesaver Tip: if you arrive in the evening (prior to the Rental Center closing), you are welcome to rent your equipment for the next day that evening.

“If you are looking for a weekend to fill your family with enjoyment, fun and entertainment, Ski Brule is definitely the place to go.  Loved every minute of it!” ~ Sam, Menominee, MI

Only the individuals registered as authorized person(s) to pick children up may do so. Please have identification with you.

SKIWee Enrollment Form (PDF)Rental Equipment Form (PDF)

SKIWEE & Daycare

Minimum age for SKIWee is 4 years.
Minimum age for Daycare is 1 year.

AM Session: 9-12:00
PM Session: 1-4:00
Reservations REQUIRED (min. 24 hours in advance) Monday-Friday, early & late season.

Lunch Session: 12-1:00

$40: One Session
$65: Two Sessions

$75 Two Sessions with Lunch
$15 Lunch Session

Equipment Rental
$19 One Session
$22 Two Sessions


Children’s Snowboard Lessons & Advanced Ski Lessons

Is your child more advanced than SKIWee Kids Lessons or would like to learn to snowboard?  Ski Brule offers beginner, intermediate and advanced children’s private ski /snowboard lessons.  One and three hour sessions are available.  Advanced reservations for these lessons by calling 800-362-7853.  Lesson times are 9:30, 10:45, 12:00, 1:15 & 2:30.

Private Lessons
$50 One Hour
$145 Three Hour

To make the most of the programs, be sure your child is equipped with hat, goggles or sunglasses, waterproof snow pants, winter jacket, waterproof gloves (no knit gloves please) and warm socks. A quick stop at Bear’s Den Pro Shop or the Rental Center will have your child ready for the snow.

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