Ski Brule

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Ski Brule
SkiBrule Minnesota

#1 Family Resort


Best family resort

The #1 family resort in the Midwest and provides the best kids program in Michigan skiing.

Ski Brule has the family friendly environment and affordable prices our guests have come to know and love over the years.  Rest assured that everyone in your family will have an
excellent experience on a Ski Brule vacation.Ski Brule is #1 family resort in the Midwest and kids always come first at Ski Brule.

Kids come first at Ski Brule.  The Kids Center offers ski lessons to children 4 years and older that will teach the basics of skiing using games that are so much fun, kids won’t even realize it’s learning to ski.

“We have three kids ages 4 & under and this was perfect!  Living in Indianapolis, the drive was worth it.  The Pioneer Lodge was super convenient to SKIWee, rental and the slopes.  The onsite daycare was super!  The remote location is beautiful.  Skiing isn’t “uppity”, the feel of the whole location is very laid back, which makes going there with small kids very comfortable.” ~Nickle

Childcare Is Available

If your child is too young or in need of fun off the Michigan ski slopes, daycare is available for children 1 year and older.  Rest assured that children are well taken care of, and are sure to have a blast with our mix of indoor and outdoor activities.  Sessions are filled with arts & crafts, face painting, STEM activities, story time and outdoor fun (dependent on ages of children and weather).

As you can see, Ski Brule’s family oriented atmosphere makes it the ideal place to take your next family vacation!  The memories you make on a trip to Ski Brule will last a lifetime.  Childcare and SKIWee are available daily (by advanced reservations Monday – Friday) from 9:00 am-4:00 p.m.  Full day and half day sessions available.

“From the moment we pulled in, it was love at first sight! Every trip since then has made us fall more and more in love with Ski Brule! Most importantly is the staff,  they are always kind, caring, passionate, and patient…. I could probably go on for another page about the staff, but to keep it short, there hasn’t been one person we didn’t love! I feel like the slopes are always perfectly groomed and I always feel safe there! We miss and love you guys and can’t wait to see everyone again this year.”

Ski Brule
397 Brule Mountain Road, Iron River, Michigan  49935
Email: [email protected]         Phone: 1-800-DO-BRULE (1-800-362-7853)      Phone: 906-265-4957

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