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Ski Brule
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Snow Conditions & Hours

Ski Report & Snowboard Report 4/17/16

First To Open, Last To Close!

What a fun filled final weekend for the 2015/16 snow season.  IT WAS AMAZING!  Have you ever hit the slopes under bright blue sunshine sky and high of 79?  Yes, 79 degrees this weekend.  Talk about fun.  It was an incredible way to end the 2015/16 snow season.  Despite Mother Nature’s late start, Ski Brule kept at it and brought you the first snow and the most snow in the Midwest with the best conditions anywhere.  148 Days of snowsports this season which with the curve balls Mother Nature kept throwing our way is amazing.  I thought “oh no .. this isn’t going as planned” in late March when Mother Nature decided to heat things up.  But the snow crew was ready and turned on the machines March 17 & 18 and laid down a carpet of fresh snow that allowed us to survive the warm temps.  THEN … Mother Nature finally got with it and it snowed EVERY DAY for 20sih days!  The weekend of April 9 & 10 was one of THE BEST weekends at Ski Brule.  Conditions were amazing.

So now what ??  That’s easy!  Ski Brule is already gearing up for the 2016/17 snow season.  I know, some of you say “enough already, we want summer”… you’ll get it AND you will get the earliest opening in the region with the best conditions on the 2016/17 target opening date of November 11, 2016.  Mark your calendars, take a personal day at work and get the first tracks of 2016/17.

Right now is the BEST time to buy your tickets for 2016/17.  Why wait and pay more?  Right now through May 13, Advanced Lift Tickets are $26 each PLUS one FREE with the purchase of 5 advanced lift tickets.  This special is ONLY available online or by calling 1-800-362-7853 by May 13.  Advanced lift tickets are valid anytime during the 2016/17 snow season, no restrictions.  Ticket rates WILL increase for the 2016/17 snow season ….. so buy your’s today!

Thank you again for making this season great.  I so very much enjoy your visit and am looking forward to your next!

~ Always Thinking Snow
Jess & Colt

Weather:  IT’S SUMMER!

New Snow Last 24 Hours: 
Season Snow Total: 
Snow Base: 



Trail Report:  


Midwest Ski Trail Report Bunny:  Closed 
Michigan Snowboard Trail Report Bambi:   Closed
circle Gentle Ben:   Closed
circle Maple Syrup:  Closed
circle Homestead:  Closed

More Difficult
Michigan Ski Report Sunrise:  Closed
square Otterslide: Closed
square Log Jam: Closed  
square Spillway:  Closed
square Hot Cider: Closed
square North Forty:  Closed

Wisconsin Ski Report Whitewater: Closed
Wisconsin Snow Conditions Big Bear: Closed
diamondMidwest Snow Conditions Timberdoodle: Closed

Most Difficult
double_diamondSnow Conditions At Ski Brule Double Doodle: Closed
Snow Conditions at Ski Brule Rapids: Closed
Snow Conditions Snowshoe: Closed 


Midwest Snow Conditions Beginner Terrain
Michigan Snow Conditions More Difficult
diamond Difficult
double_diamond Most Difficult
rectangleTerrain Trail

Lift Report: 0 of 11   

Surface Lifts: 0 of 6
Bunny Rope Tow: Closed
Bambi Rope Tow: Closed
Gentle Ben Rope Tow: Closed
Pony Handle Tow: Closed
Whitewater T-Bar: Closed
Spillway T-Bar: Closed

Chairlifts Lifts: 0 of  5
Sunrise Chairlift:  Closed
Snowshoe Chairlift: Closed
Big Bear Chairlift: Closed 

North Forty Chairlift:  Closed
Homestead Chairlift:  Closed

Daily Snow Report Video:  4/17/16

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Additional Activity Snow Report:

Snowshoe & Cross Country Trails: Closed
Snowmobile Trails: Closed
Whitewater Snow Tubing Park: Closed
Homestead Snow Tubing Park:  Closed
Homestead BBQ Dinner* : Closed
Night Skiing & Snowboarding: Closed
NASTAR: Closed
Acrobag:   Closed

Hours Of Operation:

Lift Operation: Closed
Homestead Lodge:  Closed
Bear’s Den Pro Shop: 10-2:00 Monday through Saturday.
Rental Center: Closed
Kid’s Center: Closed

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