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SkiBrule Minnesota

Snow Conditions & Hours

Ski Brule is open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9-4:00.  Night skiing, ACROBAG, Cross Country Trials, Snowshoe Trails. Learn To Programs, Whitewater Snow Tubing, NASTAR and Homestead Lodge are closed for the season. 

Tickets are half price!  $22.50 Adult and $19.50 junior.  If you have advanced lift tickets or complimentary facilities pass, you are welcome to use them through close of this season.  

Trails are power tilled and groomed with a 15-40″ base. 

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 Snow Conditions On 4/17/14

Weather: snow
High of 30 Low of 22

New Snow Last 24 Hours:  18″ and still snowing
Season Snow Total: 114″
Snow Base: 15″-40″

Ski Brule Trail Report:  11 of 17 Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Beginner Terrain

Midwest Ski Trail Report Bunny: OPEN Friday / Saturday / Sunday
Michigan Snowboard Trail Report Bambi: OPEN Friday / Saturday / Sunday
circle Gentle Ben: OPEN Friday / Saturday / Sunday
circle Maple Syrup: OPEN Friday / Saturday / Sunday
circle Homestead:  closed

More Difficult
Michigan Ski Report Sunrise: OPEN Friday / Saturday / Sunday
square Otterslide: OPEN  Friday / Saturday / Sunday
square Log Jam: OPEN Friday / Saturday / Sunday
square Spillway: closed
square Hot Cider: closed
square North Forty: closed

Wisconsin Ski Report Whitewater: OPEN Friday / Saturday / Sunday
Wisconsin Snow Conditions Big Bear: OPEN  Friday / Saturday / Sunday
diamondMidwest Snow Conditions Timberdoodle: closed

Most Difficult
double_diamondSnow Conditions At Ski Brule Double Doodle: closed
Snow Conditions at Ski Brule Rapids: OPEN  Friday / Saturday / Sunday
Snow Conditions Snowshoe: OPEN  Friday / Saturday / Sunday


Midwest Snow Conditions Beginner Terrain
Michigan Snow Conditions More Difficult
diamond Difficult
double_diamond Most Difficult
rectangleTerrain Trail

Lift Report:  5 of 11   Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Surface Lifts:  2 of 6
Bunny Rope Tow: closed
Bambi Rope Tow: OPEN  Friday / Saturday / Sunday
Gentle Ben Rope Tow: OPEN  Friday / Saturday / Sunday
Pony Handle Tow: closed
Whitewater T-Bar: closed
Spillway T-Bar: closed

Chairlifts Lifts: 2 of  5
Sunrise Chairlift: closed
Snowshoe Chairlift: OPEN  Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Big Bear Chairlift:  OPEN  Saturday / Sunday
North Forty Chairlift: closed
Homestead Chairlift: closed

Daily Snow Report Photo:  4/17/14

Additional Activity Snow Report:

Snowshoe & Cross Country Trails: closed
Snowmobile Trails: CLOSED
Whitewater Snow Tubing Park: closed
Homestead Snow Tubing Park:   Saturday 5-800p on lower Big Bear
Homestead BBQ Dinner & Sleigh Ride: Saturday 5pm at Brule Saloon, reservations required by 4pm
Night Skiing & Snowboarding: closed 

Hours Of Operation:

Lift Operation:  9-4:00 Friday / Saturday / Sunday
Homestead Lodge: closed
Bear’s Den Pro Shop: 9-4:00
Rental Center: 8-4:00 Friday/ Saturday / Sunday
Kid’s Center: 9-4:00 Friday / Saturday / Sunday 
Lodging Office:  9-4:00
Brule Saloon: 10-8:00 Friday / Saturday/ Sunday
Hillside Dining: 5-8:00 Friday/Saturday
Brule Café: 8-4:00 Friday/Saturday / Sunday
NASTAR: Closed for the season
Acrobag: closed Acrobag Liability & Use Agreement


Nightly Activities:

Monday:  NA
Tuesday: NA
Wednesday: NA
Thursday: NA
Friday: 5:00 Tubing (location TBD) by reservation, $4/person, traditional hike up hill style tubing. 
Saturday: 5:00 Tubing (location TBD) by reservation, $4/person, traditional hike up hill style tubing and Homestead BBQ dinner by reservation at Brule Saloon
Sunday: Ski Brule Social 7pm, by reservation.

Trail Map
Cross Country Trail Map

Hours of Operation (Hours will vary during the holidays and due to weather.)

Daily Lift Operation
9:00 am-4:00 pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Ski Brule is open for skiing & snowboarding on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Easter

Night Skiing and Snowboarding 
closed for the season. Night terrain includes lower Sunrise, Rapids, Bunny and Bambi, serviced by Pony Handle Tow and Bunny Rope Tow. Chairlifts do not operate at night, surface tows only. Day lift ticket is valid during the night session.

Homestead Lodge
closed for the season

Bear’s Den Pro Shop and Rental Center 
9:00 am-4:00 pm Friday /Saturday / Sunday

NASTAR Racing 
closed for the season

Whitewater Snow Tubing 

Brule Café
 8:00 am-5:00 pm Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Hillside Evening Dining 
 5:00 pm-8:00 pm Friday/Saturday

Brule Saloon 
Friday/Saturday 10-8:00 

Kid’s Center 
 Friday/Saturday/Sunday 9:00 am-4:00 pm 

9:30 am, 10:45 am, 12:00 pm, 1:15 pm and 2:30 pm Friday/Saturday / Sunday. Advanced reservations are recommended by calling 800-362-7853.

Lodging Office
Daily 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
The Ski Brule Lodging Office hours are extended on weekends and holidays. 


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